There’s nothing counterfeit, contrived or corporate about best-selling author and keynote speaker David Tyreman.  On the contrary, your audience will find him refreshingly authentic, thoroughly entertaining and joyfully FUN.  His dynamic delivery and antidotal musings keeps people in their seats laughing, madly taking notes and texting colleagues that; “We need to get this guy over to our company!”   

David has the rare ability to communicate totally new marketing concepts in FUN ways that people just seem to “GET.” Of course, the fact that he possesses a quick wit, engaging style and charming English accent doesn’t hurt. Or that he’s a captivating storyteller with a cadre of compelling business tales at his disposal. 


“David’s Brand DNA keynote speech hit the bullseye, informative, exciting and entertaining. David helps you get to grips with your own brand and see how and where to apply what you learn for best results.” - Gwen Chappell, Director of Beverage Sourcing, Global Procurement, MGM Resorts International

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But what truly sets David is the content. His material is clear, straightforward and fresh. It hasn’t been cloned, cut-and-pasted or pulled from some YouTube keynote. The audience will discover there are literally masses of people clamoring to do business with them, if only they would crack the code on their Brand’s DNA.  

Your audiences will most certainly leave inspired and energized by David’s keynote, and you’ll likely take a bow or two for booking him. 
Agent: Blair Nichols, BigSpeak
Direct: 805-730-0614

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