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In quest of the American dream, David Tyreman arrived in the U.S. from England with a suitcase, $5,000 and a grand idea -- to sell costly, cool antiques the way we sell Tupperware… through home parties.  Unfortunately, as he lamented, “People drank our wine, ate our cheese, looked at the prices and left.”   Six months later he and his business partner were flat broke and out of ideas.

Fast-forward seven years; and the pair had miraculously morphed their fabulous flop into a kickass multi-million dollar Visual Branding and Merchandising juggernaut called Propaganda.  With clients such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Nike and Tommy Hilfiger the fast growing company attracted a boatload of free media thanks to their wacky, attention getting branding techniques.

Having secured his piece of the American dream, David sold the business to his partner and set out on a new mission:  To impart the valuable lessons he had learned in business through speaking, consulting and best-selling books under the umbrella of a bold new venture called The World Famous Company. 

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“As a conference producer and PR professional, I found David to be extremely smart and on point with his subject. He had lots of important information for any brand who wants to scale and inspire its customers. In addition to presenting great points for brands, he was entertaining, funny and inspiring - a rare combo for a keynote speaker. An A+ for any top level program.” - Mina Trujillo, Chraft PR